System Crash

When the system crashes, you can take the following measures:

  1. Reinstall the system.
    • The system file may be damaged and you need to reinstall the system.
    • System files can be found in Drivers & Hardware on the Support.

  2. Troubleshoot hardware problem.
    • If reinstall system does not work, there may be a hardware problem.
    • Please remove and clean RAM and SSD and re-install. If the problem still can not be solved, please try to replace the SSD and RAM for testing.
    • If it is determined that the problem is SSD or RAM damage, you can contact the Beelink support service by email.
    • E-mail address:

Tips: If you use other SSD for testing, please reinstall the system in the SSD before using it.

  • This is a video of the reinstall the SSD:
  • This is a video of reinstalling the RAM: