Set Auto Power On of U59

There are two kinds of power-on tutorials for U59, please choose the one corresponding to the SN code of your machine, otherwise it may cause your machine to become bricked.


  1. Only available for machines with SN code at the back board is U59-E-XXXXSD0W64PRO  /  U59V1-E-XXXXSD0W64PRO,don't need to check the red font part.
    • After check the SN code,please download this BIOS file and flash it to active auto power on:
    • This is the tutorial:

  2. Only available formachines with SN code at the back board is U59V1-E-XXXXSD0W64PRO-A,don't need to check the red font part.
    1. Turn on the machine and enter the BIOS by repeatedly pressing the "Delete" button.

    2. Select to enter Chipset,select "South Cluster Configuration".

    3. Enter “State After G3" and set it to "S0 State".

    4. Press F4 to save the settings,save the BIOS settings and enter the system for shutdown. After unplugging and plugging in the power supply again,test if you can achieve the function of the automatic power on.