Blue Screen

When the computer has blue screen problem, you can take the following measures:


  1. Reinstall the system.
    • The system file may be damaged and you need to reinstall the system.
    • System files can be found in Drivers & Hardware on the Support.

  2. Troubleshoot the hardware.
    • If the blue screen still occurs frequently after reinstalling the system, the blue screen may be caused by a hardware problem.
    • Please check the RAM and replace it with another memory slot. 
    • And remove and and re-install RAM and SSD to determine whether it is caused by loose SSD or RAM.
    • If not, you can try to install another SSD, then restart the machine and press the "Delete" key repeatedly to enter the BIOS page to check whether it can be recognized normally,  so as to determine whether the original SSD of the machine is damaged.

      Tips:   If you use other SSD for testing, please reinstall the system in the SSD before using it.
      • Here is a reference video for installing SSD:
      • Here is a reference video for installing RAM:

  3. Update the BIOS.
    • You can contact Beelink Support Service for BIOS update files and tutorials by email.
    • E-mail address: