Stuck On Beelink Logo

When turn on PC and stuck in the Beelink logo, you can take the following measures:


  1. Troubleshoot the SSD.
    Press the "Delete" key repeatedly to enter the BIOS to check whether the SSD can be recognized when booting.
    If the SSD is not recognized, the SSD may be loose or damaged.

    1. Remove and cleane the SSD and re-install.
    2. If machine also can't enter system, please change an available SSD to check it.

      Tips: If you use other SSD for testing, please reinstall the system in the SSD before using it. Here is a reference video for installing SSD:

  2. Please press the CLR CMOS button after unplugging the power, wait for ten minutes, and then plug it in again.

  3. Reinstall the system.
    The system file may be damaged and you need to reinstall the system.
    System files can be found in Drivers & Hardware on the Support.