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Beelink SER6 MAX: 7735HS Mini PC Gets a Huge Boost in Performance

2023-07-04 10:23:14

Beelink will soon release the SER6 ultra version: SER6 MAX. The word“MAX means better performance and higher specifications. Compared to the SER6 MAX with the same AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS processor, the TDP of the SER6 MAX is configured at 65W. In addition, the mini PC also gets a brand new design, improved internal structure and richer I/O.

 Highlights of SER6 MAX:

Running Stably at 65W

To meet users' needs for higher performance, we have improved the TDP of R7 7735HS processor on SER6 MAX to 65W - which in return unleashes much better performance. The mini PC can easily handle demanding games and complicated 3D rendering.

The SER6 MAX features a customized large vapor chamber, which can quickly conduct and distribute the heat, maintain even temperature, and avoid heat accumulation. The vapor chamber has large surface area that allows it cover all the key components such as the processor and the power supply modules. This technology has been successfully applied to the Beelink GTR7 series mini PCs.   

The SER6 MAX is equipped with a fan with large flow rate and low noise.The large flow rate enables fast air circulation and effectively pushes the heat out of the mini PC. As a result, the SER6 MAX can maintain low temperature and stay relatively quiet when dealing with demanding workloads or prolonged 3D gaming, bringing reliable experience for our users.

The SER6 MAX is also equipped with a system fan. Since SER6 series, the system fan has become a standard part of Beelink Mini PCs. It can provide effective cooling for internal components such as RAM, SSD and wireless cards, avoiding heat accumulation and reduced speed due to overheating. After 2 hours of full load testing in a 30℃ environment, the CPU power and temperature of SER6 MAX remain stable.

4+2+1 power supply module is another reason why we can improve the TDP of the SER6 MAX -to 65W, it ensures sufficient power supply for the PC.

We have developed innovative magnetic power supply for our mini PCs. Not only does the new technology allow us to put more functional ports on the rear panel, but it also provides stable 120W power supply. With strong suction, the magnetic chuck tightly connects the power adaptor to the mini PC, and the large contact area ensures that the power supply won’t easily fall off. 

SER6 MAX features a wide range of interfaces.

The SER6 MAX features two rear full-function USB4 ports. Both of them support 40Gbps bandwidth and DisplayPort 1.4 Alt Mode. That means the SER6 MAX can be connected to all kinds of peripherals, allowing our users to transfer files in high-speed and use 8K monitors.

HDMI2.1, DisplayPort1.4 and two USB4 ports support quad-displays with high refresh rate and high resolution. It is a useful function for users who need a multi-screen setup for complex multitasking. Whether you want to create multimedia content, watch HD videos, or play graphics-intensive games, the SER6 MAX will bring you outstanding visual experiences. 

New Styling Design

Compared to the SER6 Pro, SER6 MAX has a completely new design, including the internal structure, appearance and richer interfaces, but there is no significant increase in the size. It has the same length and width as the SER6 Pro, with only a 7mm increase in height (to 49mm). This change is mainly to accommodate the large vapor chamber. The overall size of SER6 MAX is still less than 0.7 liters. It won’t take much area on your PC desk, and you can also choose to mount it behind your monitor or under the desktop.

The new design and all metal CNC machining give the SER6 MAX a more fashionable and exquisite look. Whether you place it on the desk or take it out, this mini PC will surely be an eye-catcher.

The SER6 MAX will be available in four colors, there must be one that suits you. The mini PC will soon go on sale globally, please be ready to get your unit..