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One Year Guarantee

One-Year Guarantee

All Hardware is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase (the date of your Invoice). Where Hardware is repaired or replaced under this guarantee such repaired or replaced Hardware is covered for the longer of the remainder of the one year period or ninety days from the date of repair/replacement. Where Hardware is defective, we will provide all parts and labour necessary to repair the Hardware to proper operating order on the terms set out in this guarantee.

10.1 Hardware Only

This guarantee only covers your Hardware (as defined below); it does not cover Software, Services or any other Products. You should refer to the relevant software licences for warranties which apply to your Software.

10.2 Guarantee Service

We will provide remedial maintenance and repair, including all parts and labour, necessary to restore failed Hardware to proper working condition. We may, at our option, replace Hardware or parts of Hardware and we may use refurbished parts or modules in performing this service. Replacement parts become your property and replaced parts become our property.

We are not able to provide you with replacement Hardware while your Hardware is being repaired. We will use reasonable endeavours to repair your Hardware within 14 days of your reporting a fault but repair may take longer due to circumstances beyond our control. For non-BEELINK-branded Products, we will use reasonable endeavours to arrange repair within the terms of the relevant manufacturer’s warranty by reference to the manufacturer.

10.3 Collection and Carry-in Guarantee Service for Hardware

If, during the guarantee period, your Hardware develops a fault and you are in the country to which we delivered the Hardware when you purchased it, we will, if the nature of the fault so requires, visit you and collect and remove the Hardware for repair. To obtain this service you must telephone us by calling the number referred to in paragraph 10.5 below. Either when you telephone or within one Working Day of your reporting a fault, we will attempt to diagnose the fault and advise you of what we shall do.

If during the guarantee period your Hardware develops a fault and you are outside the country to which we delivered the Hardware when you purchased it but inside the Territory, you must telephone us and we will advise you how your Hardware can be repaired. Depending on your location, we shall either be able to provide collection and repair or direct you to our closest BEELINK Authorised Service Provider where you can obtain carry-in guarantee service.

If you are outside the Territory and the Product requiring repair is portable Hardware (Hardware that can be operated without a power cable) you should take your Hardware at your expense to an BEELINK Authorised Service Provider. You should be aware that not all countries have BEELINK Authorised Service Providers and that not all BEELINK Authorised Service Providers stock all parts and units. Where Hardware cannot be repaired or replaced in the country in which it is located, it may need to be sent to a different country or returned to the original country of purchase at your expense for guarantee service. You can obtain details of BEELINK Authorised Service Providers by visiting the following web site https://www.bee-link.com/. When contacting the BEELINK Authorised Service Provider, you must give your name, address, telephone number and proof of purchase (which may include a copy of your Invoice).

For as long as you are outside the Territory and the Product requiring repair is non-portable Hardware you will be unable to obtain guarantee service either from us or from an BEELINK Authorised Service Provider.

10.4 Non BEELINK-branded Products

For non BEELINK-branded Products, all warranty claims, where relevant, should first be made either to us by phone (in which case we will use reasonable endeavours to resolve these on your behalf by reference to the manufacturer) or to the manufacturer directly in accordance with the terms of any warranty included with the Products purchased.

10.5 General

Before subjecting your Hardware to guarantee service, you are responsible for making a separate backup copy of system software, application software and all data and for disabling any passwords. You are responsible for reinstalling all such software, data and passwords. We accept no liability for loss of data caused by guarantee service.

Whenever calling us in relation to your guarantee entitlement you should do so between 08:00 and 18:00 on any Working Day and quote your customer number. The telephone number for guarantee service will be sent to you by post after your Products are delivered. You will bear the cost of telephone calls you make to us at your national rate.

10.6 Exclusions

Neither the collection nor the carry-in guarantee nor the guarantee for Hardware covers:
damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect;
damage caused by exposure of Hardware to an improper environment (including, without limitation, excessive temperature or humidity, unusual physical or electrical stress, failure or fluctuation of electrical power, lightning, static electricity or fire);
damage caused by service or modification or alteration of Hardware by anyone other than an BEELINK Authorised Service Provider;
data loss or recovery;
any modifications to Hardware required by any legislation coming into force after the date of purchase (the date of your Invoice); or
any Hardware of which the serial number has been removed or tampered with.
If in the process of repair we discover that your Hardware is not eligible for guarantee service, you may, at our discretion, be liable to pay us the costs of collection and return.