【Pre-order】(U55 Upgrade) U59 Mini PC, Intel Celeron N5095, Support Win11

  • 【Pre-order】(U55 Upgrade) U59 Mini PC, Intel Celeron N5095, Support Win11


【Pre-order】(U55 Upgrade) U59 Mini PC, Intel Celeron N5095, Support Win11


Product Description

Excellent products are worth looking forward to. Because the products are too popular and the supply is insufficient now, we need to wait until December 10th to be available, and no more than the 15th at the latest.

To express our apologies, we have set up an additional $20 discount. Order now $20 reduction

U59 is an upgraded model of U55, with more powerful performance, suitable for office, entertainment, and games.

Support the installation of the Windows 11 system!

a). Powerful Performance Beelink U59 mini pc is powered by Intel 11th Generation Quad-Core N5095 (More Faster Than 10th Generation J4125). The lithography process of the CPU is 10nm, and its base operating frequency is up to 2.9GHz (4C/4T) and it supports a 4MB smart cache.

 b). High-capacity Storage - The micro computer built-in 8/16GB DDR4, 256/512GB M.2 SSD. The Mini Computer has two Internal Connector, one is M.2 SATA SSD 2280, the other one is a 2.5in-7mm SATA HDD which support up to 500GB~2TB large expandable storage. And also you can add a USB 3.0 hard drive port to expand 2T memory.

c). Three Screen Display -  The Micro Computer is equipped with Dual HDMI 2.0 Ports and USB-C Port. When you buy this computer, we will give you HDMI 100CM&20CM for free, you can connect three monitors at the same time, which can improve your work Efficiency. The Beelink mini pc uses Intel UHD Graphics to support 4K HD video playback. You can easily enjoy 4K video playback, or connect to your projector as a home theater and enjoy various entertainment.

d).  Software Testing - We have a dedicated laboratory. We conduct professional software testing on the U59 mini computer. Currently, it supports most office software on the market, such as Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX. The mini computer is equipped with the original Windows 10 Pro system, without any junk software, and you can open multiple software at the same time, running very smoothly.

What else can our mini computer be used for?

𝐆𝐢𝐟𝐭 - Each of our products has made exquisite packaging boxes, which are very suitable as gifts for Men/Women/Lovers/Boyfriend/friends/Teen boys. For example, Father's Day gifts, Christmas Gifts, Birthday gifts, Valentine's Day Gifts.

Question & Answer:

Q1: How to update Windows 11?

A1: Update BIOS--join the Windows Experiencer Program--choose developer mode (do not choose recommended mode or other modes)--search for updates--complete.

Q2: How to set up Dual Screen Display?

A2: Please click and select Start>Settings>System>Display. Your PC should automatically detect your monitor and display your desktop. If you don’t see the monitor, select Detect.

Q3: How to enter BIOS?

A3: Press "delete" to enter the BIOS settings; press "F7" to enter the boot options menu (click continuously immediately after booting).


The mini size can greatly save space on the desktop and is easy to carry.


Powerful performance and rich functions will bring you a good experience.


The price is fully in line with the value of the product and will not cost you any more.