Beelink TV Box combined with EmuELEC system

Some time ago, we officially launched the GT-King series dual system, which comes with an SD card with CoreELEC system, and supports the system to switch between Android AOSP and CoreELEC system using the remote control, not only the CoreELEC system, but also Other systems can be installed on the SD card. Recently we have reached a cooperation with the developers of the EmuELEC system. The EmuELEC system can be fully adapted to our TV box products.

EmuELEC is Shantigilbert's box-integrated simulator integration system for Amlogic (Jing Chen) solution, equivalent to the Amlogic version of RetroPie on Raspberry Pi. EmuELEC includes EmulationStation (hereinafter referred to as ES), RetroArch (hereinafter referred to as RA) and several independent simulator programs. EmuELEC's system is based on CoreELEC and Lakka (both are based on LibrEmuELECLEC), and the KODI audio and video playback management system stripped from CoreELEC. The emulator of EmuELEC is mainly based on RetroArch in Lakka, with some independent simulators prepared for DC / PSP games. The default GUI (graphical interface) of EmuELEC is ES, and it can also be switched to the GUI of RA.

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