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Product support
System Crash

When the system crashes, you can take the following measures:

1. Reinstall the system.

    The system file may be damaged and you need to reinstall the system.

    System files can be found in Drivers & Hardware on the Support.

2. Troubleshoot hardware problem.

    If reinstall system does not work, there may be a hardware problem. 

    Please remove and cleane RAM and SSD and re-install. If the problem still can not be solved, please try to replace the SSD and RAM for testing.

    If it is determined that the problem is SSD or RAM damage, you can contact the Beelink support service by email.  

    E-mail address: support-pc@bee-link.com

 Tips:   If you use other SSD for testing, please reinstall the system in the SSD before using it.

           This is a video of the reinstall the SSD:  https://youtu.be/CAsEvN4sT3k

           This is a video of reinstalling the RAM:   https://youtu.be/3tVFPeBmJa0