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How to Install Unraid on Beelink Mini PC

2023-12-21 17:46:38

How to Install Unraid on Beelink Mini PC



Unraid is an embedded operating system designed to provide you with ultimate control over your hardware. In addition to robust NAS (Network Attached Storage) capabilities, Unraid can also serve as an application server and a virtual machine host. Unraid can be installed in and booted from a USB flash drive, and then loaded into a ramdisk. By using a modern Linux kernel with the latest hardware drivers, Unraid can run on almost any 64-bit operating system (x86_64) and occupies minimal system memory.



1. Prepare a USB flash drive with a capacity of 8GB or more. Remember to back up your data beforehand as writing the image will erase the data on the USB flash drive.


2. Create a bootable disk using the official USB Creator tool. Download the USB Flash Creator from the official website at https://unraid.net/download. Click on "DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS".

3. Insert your USB flash drive and run the USB Flash Creator. You can select the version of the system to install on the software interface. We recommend that you choose the Stable version here.

4. You can input any server name as you like, select the network mode as "DHCP", and have the option "Allow UEFI Boot" checked.

5. Click "Write" button at the bottom to write the image.

6. When the confirm write box pops up, click on "Erase and Write".

7. Wait patiently for the writing process to complete. After the writing is finished, close the software and remove the USB flash drive.

8. Insert the USB flash drive into the mini PC, and after powering on, press "F7" key on the keyboard to enter the boot menu. Select your USB device and press Enter key to confirm.

9. Start with the default option of "Unraid OS".

10. After startup is completed, the IP address will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Keep a record of the IP address however you like. Entering this address in a browser will take you to the backend administration of Unraid.

11. You need to set a password for the initial login, and then you can access the backend administration.