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Company News

Beelink GTR7 and GTR7 PRO Casing Design Update

2023-10-16 17:12:14

Hi Beelink fans,


Recently, some customers reported that the designs of the GTR7 and GTR7 PRO Mini PCs they had purchased looked different from Beelink’s official product images, leading them to suspect that they have bought fake products. In fact, since the product was launched in May, we have updated the design several times based on suggestions we received from our users. We apologize for any misunderstanding caused by our failure to inform in a timely manner. Now we would like to explain the latest changes to the design of the GTR7 and GTR7 PRO as follows:


Firstly, the "GTR7" or "GTR7 PRO" nameplate on the front side has been removed.

Secondly, the silver "GTR" letters on the left side have been removed.

Lastly, the "Beelink" branding on the top left has been changed from letters to the Beelink logo.


We have only updated the designs of the GTR7 and GTR7 PRO Mini PCs. No change has been made to their internal hardware or specifications. Both the old and new versions are genuine Beelink products with the same performance. Please feel free to make your purchase.


Thank you for your feedback and support!