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What SER6 MAX upgrades over SER6 Pro

2023-08-24 10:42:32

The recently released Beelink SER6 MAX is a solid upgrade over the Beelink SER6 Pro. With improved specifications, heat dissipation and design, the SER6 MAX will offer better performance and user experience. In this article, we will show you the details of this upgrade.


Boosting performance over 10%, running stably at 54W

Both the SER6 MAX and the SER6 Pro are powered by the AMD Ryzen™ 7 7735HS processor, which incorporates 8 Zen3+ CPU cores, 16 threads, and has a Max. Boost Clock of 4.75GHz.

According to countless tests done in our lab, the difference in power output has a great impact on the performance of the CPU. That’s why we have boosted the TDP of the AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS from 45W to 54W to improve its performance in intensive computing tasks. With Beelink’s very own MSP and MSC technology, the CPU can even be overclocked to 65W when needed.




SER6 MAX and SER6 Pro performance


From the test data shown above, we can come to some easy conclusions:

1. The performance of the AMD R7 7735HS processor improves as TDP increases.

2. The optimal TDP of AMD R7 7735HS is 54W. Because from 35W to 45W, the overall performance only improves by about 3%. But from 45W to 54W, the overall performance improves by about 8%. From 54W to 65W, the single-core performance is almost unchanged and multi-core performance only improves by about 3% -5%. So, it’s obvious that the Ryzen 7 7735HS chip has the best energy efficiency at 54W.


Both the SER6 MAX and SER6 Pro come with dual SO-DIMM slots that support DDR5 4800Mhz RAM of up to 64GB. The advanced RAM module offers higher bandwidth and higher throughput speed, enabling the mini PCs to run more applications and tasks simultaneously.


In terms of storage, you will have more options with the SER6 MAX. The mini PC comes with dual M.2 2280 SSD slots, but one of these two slots can be turned into an SATA III interface with a SATA module (optional). So, whether you want dual high-speed M.2 SSDs or an M.2 SSD and a 2.5-inch high-capacity SATA HDD/SSD, the choice is yours.


New cooling: Vapor chamber


SER6 MAX features a vapor chamber. Compared with the dual heat pipes found in the SER6 Pro, the Vapor Chamber offers more efficient cooling because it is able to conduct and spread the heat quickly.


After 20 minutes of AIDA64 FPU test in a controlled environment at a steady temperature of 25℃, the thermal performance of the SER6 MAX is impressive. The Vapor Chamber handily keeps the temperature of the processor below 80°C. Even at 65W TDP, the temperature of the CPU still stays below 85°C during the test. Compared with the dual heat pipe cooling of SER6 Pro, this is indeed a significant upgrade. The SER6 MAX stays relatively cool even under heavy loads, ensuring stability and high performance.


Delicate appearance

We have also changed the design of SER6 MAX. Even though this new mini PC offers significant improvement in heat dissipation, it has the same footprint, with only 7mm increase in thickness. Thanks to the effective Vapor Chamber cooler, the SER6 MAX is still a small computer.

By adopting metal CNC machining, the SER6 MAX has a stylish and exquisite look. Compared with the SER6 Pro, SER6 MAX features design elements from the latest flagship product - the GTR7 7840HS, and offers multiple color options. This allows users to select a color according to their preferences. Whether you use it in an office or for home entertainment, SER6 MAX is not only a productivity tool, but also an eye-catching decoration.



Rich interfaces

Based on feedback from users of last-generation Beelink mini PCs, our product design team took the expandability of the SER6 MAX to the next level. There is a wide array of interfaces on the rear panel to meet users' needs to connect the mini PC to monitors and other peripherals.


Compared with the SER6 Pro, SER6 MAX get multiple upgrades in I/O:

1. The SER6 MAX adopts the new magnetic power supply technology. It has a small magnetic connector with relatively large contact surface, making power supply more convenient than ever.


2. We have also added dual USB4 ports to the rear panel of the SER6 MAX. Both support 100W Power Delivery 3.0, DisplayPort1.4 Alt Mode (4K 144Hz) and 40Gbps data speed. Additionally, the USB3.2 Gen2 Type-C port on the front supports 10Gbps data speed and a wide variety of USB-C peripherals. With dual USB4, an HDMI2.0 and a DisplayPort1.4, the SER6 MAX supports quad-screen setup, allowing you to multitask more efficiently. Whether it’s gaming, content creating or video playback, more monitors are better than just one.


3. The SER6 also comes with dual 3.5mm audio jacks, one for the front and one on the rear. When you plug in audio playback devices on the front, the system will automatically disable the rear audio jack. This function spares you the time of effort of manually switching audio playback devices in the settings.



Compared with the SER6 Pro, the Beelink SER6 MAX is an all-around upgrade. You will get higher performance and specifications, better heat dissipation, more polished design and greatly improved user experience.

The SER6 MAX is the product of Beelink’s continuous innovation and development. It shows Beelink’s dedication to the mini PC industry and determination to offer customers the best products possible. Whether you plan to use your mini PC for office or entertainment purposes, the SER6 MAX will be a solid choice.