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About Solution of User Feedback on GTR6, GTR7 7840HS and GTR7 7940HS Mini PC

2023-07-17 13:46:30

Dear customer,

Thanks for choosing Beelink GTR6, GTR7 7840HS and GTR7 7940HS mini PC. We apologize for any problems you have encountered with our products.

Part 1: New Bottom Case of GTR6 & GTR7 to Increase Air Flow

We have improved the bottom case to increase air flow.

1.In order to give the GTR6, GTR7 7840HSamd GTR7 7940HS mini PC product a more stunning look, our ID engineers chose to make the mini PC intake air from the side instead of from the bottom. This leads to an increase in wind pressure and 15% reduction in air intake volume. When running graphics-intensive games, side air intake isn’t as efficient as bottom air intake in cooling off the internal components. According to numerous tests done in Beelink’s lab, the temperatures of the RAM and SSD were about 3-4℃ higher using side air intake versus bottom air intake. Even though the temperatures are still within the normal range and will not affect the speed and lifespan of the mini PC, but it isn’t in line with Beelink’s vision of offering our customers the best solutions to day-to-day computing.

To elevate your experiences with the GTR6 & GTR7 mini PC
mini PC, we will send you a free bottom case with vents for you to replace the old one. The new bottom case will increase allow air intake from the bottom, and thus improve the cooling efficiency

* The GTR7 7840HS & GTR7 7940HS new bottom case is as follow:

* The GTR6 new bottom case is as follow:

2. Free replacement policy:

A. All customers who purchased the GTR6, the GTR7 or the GTR7 Pro will enjoy this free replacement. We will send you a new bottom case that matches the color of the mini PC you purchased, and you don’t need to send the old bottom case back.

B. Provide the barcode at the bottom and we will ship a new bottom case to you (Please send an E-mail including your address, phone number, the barcode and purchase record of your mini PC to support-box@bee-link.com).

C. Delivery time of new bottom cases: July 2023-December 2023. 

Part 2: GTR7 7840HS & GTR7 PRO 7940HS Driver Upgrade

We will actively improve our products according to your feedback. Since AMD Ryzen 7040 series processors are based on the new 4nm process, and the GTR7 are adapting Beelink’s latest MS technology, there could be incompatibility between drivers and the hardware. we will release new drivers around July 20th, 2023 to improve the performance and compatibility of the hardware.

Thank you for choosing Beelink products. We strive to provide quality products and services for you.


Beelink Customer Service

July, 2023