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Company News

Official statement from Beelink

2021-12-30 14:05:20

Recently we received several emails from fans who have been duped by illegal agencies spreading rumors on various online media that they could get a full refund after buying Beelink products by writing a customer review on marketplace.  Hereby Beelink brand declares that we have never and will never fake online reviews in any marketplace around the world!!!
①Any promise to get reviews on various online marketplace in the name of Beelink by giving away free products or paying an award is false and illegal.
②Please beware of anyone asking for fake reviews on Amazon or other marketplaces, they are all scammers and we will take legal action against these illegal entities.
③Beelink brand has never done anything like that and will not be responsible for such orders. If you have got similar information, please keep rational and contact our official team in time.
④Beelink brand strictly abides by the laws and regulations of each country and the policies of each e-commerce platform.

Email: support-pc@bee-link.com