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Intel Gemini lake energy-saving office artifact:Beelink Gemini X MINI PC review

2018-06-25 11:27| Publisher: beelink| Views: 1559| Comments: 0

Intel released a new ultra-low-power Atom Gemini lake processor. The launch of the Gemini lake processor is an upgrade of the Apollo lake processor. Intel's processor for low-power applications did not “squeeze toothpaste” as it did before. Instead, it was a brand-new upgrade..The performance of each specification is greatly enhanced.

Gemin lake processor is divided into two series, J series for Desktop products, as long as the performance, processor frequency 1.5G-2.8G.N series for Mobile mainly reflect the low-power processor frequency 1.1G-2.7G. There are some important specification upgrades. Please check the details specifications on the Intel official website

A, Processor's secondary cache is upgraded to 4M, and Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U secondary cache is also 4M;

B. The graphics card was upgraded to Graphics 605 and the frequency was upgraded to 800MHz. Intel eighth generation Kaby R I3-8130U graphics Graphics 620, frequency 1000MHz.

C, Memory is upgraded to DDR 4 2400MHz, the same as Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U/I5-8250U;

D. The display interface supports dual HDMI 2.0a 60Hz with a resolution of 4096*2160P 4K. Specifications same as Intel's eighth-generation Kaby R I3-8130U/I5-8250U;

E. The video codec supports H.265 10bit, VP9 10bit,

With the upgrading of such important specifications, some of the specifications are already the same as those of I3/I5, and there will be a qualitative leap in performance. The Gemini lake processor will become an important member of the low-power MINI PC family, and it will also better meet the needs of users in the office and home entertainment.


1We have been fortunate to get the Beelink Gemini X Series MINI PC, The performance of Intel Gemini Lake processor is tested in detail.

First Specification

There are 3 versions of the Beelink Gemini X series, as follows: INTEL Gemini lake Pentium and Celeron processors are used. Please check the form

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