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Company Goal:

To be a company which has ability to innovate,ranking first in the industry and being respected by competitor.

Company Location:

Technology, creativity and quality leading product marketing company.

The Enterprise Values:

Do not earn ill-gotten gains, do not give up every "Beelink Team Member".

The Enterprise Culture:

Detail:Details determine your "heart" in where?

Undertake:Right is right, wrong is wrong. Awards for right and bravely bear the wrong.

Digital:Respect the fact and data to dominate.

Product Concept:

●Only make the appropriate product.

●Only make steady as a rock product.

●Too high requirements, no value-added products to customers is a waste of company resources.

Service Philosophy :

●Carefulness, patience and subdivided to provide customers want.

●Where the customer, where we served.

●Timely, rapidly and accurately grasp of customer demands.

The Ability To Innovate:

Importance:Creativity is an important factor to measure whether a company's long-term development.

Advocate:Respect and honor to work with innovative personnel is one of the largest identity of innovators.

Reward:Each innovators, reward 1000 RMB for once and notify to all.

Share system:Let everyone participate in sharing company success.

Method:Management-directors of distributing.

Principle:Justice and equity

Performance Assessment:

The appraisal is a way to encourage rather than purpose.The assessment can make excellent people better, dawdler left automatically.Assessment can get the affirmation of the company to respect the people who work hard and other colleague's respect.

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